ChatGPT maker OpenAI introduced Sora, now you can generate HD video just from prompt – Bollywood Keeda

ChatGPT developer artificial intelligence company OpenAI has launched text-to-video AI model Sora. This AI tool will create videos with the help of written words. Google and Meta had introduced such tools many years ago, but it is being claimed that the quality of OpenAI is better than these.

Sam Altman gave information

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman himself has given information about it. He has revealed this new tool by writing a post on social media platform X. Google and Meta have also shown such technology before, but OpenAI has done a lot of work in terms of quality. The company has also released its microsite, by visiting which you can check details about it. Describing about Sora, Sam Altman wrote, ‘This is our video generative model Sora, today we are launching it with the Red Team and offering access to it to selected creators.’ Along with this he has thanked his team. After this post, Sam asked the users to reply to some captions whose video they wanted.

How is OpenAI Sora different?

Actually, many such tools are already available in the market which can generate videos and give them to the users only on the basis of prompts. However, OpenAI Sora is different from all these. Through this tool, users will get the facility to generate HD video without any clip or photo. This AI tool can create and give video prompts of up to one minute.

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