CG NEWS: Gang targeting abandoned houses busted, police arrested 7 accused including buyer, country made pistol and sharp weapons seized – Bollywood Keeda

death march, Police has exposed a gang of thieves in Marwahi district of Chhattisgarh. 7 accused including the buyer have been arrested in this gang. Police have seized a country-made pistol, two big knives and two bikes from the accused. This gang used to commit theft incidents in GPM and its border districts.

According to the information, this gang of thieves fearlessly targeted abandoned houses and committed theft with weapons. A country-made pistol and two big knives were also seized among them. During the arrest, 11 pieces of Gundi, 21 pieces of Wallet, 21 pieces of Dauri, 02 pieces of Pena, 56 pieces of Lota, 08 pieces of Glass, 13 pieces of Parant, 13 pieces of bowl and 01 piece of ladle were seized from the accused.

The district police has taken strict action against this gang, and the cyber cell and police station in-charge have played an important role in their arrest. The hard work of the police and support schemes have a big role behind this success.

Names of arrested accused

  1. Dinesh Goswami
  2. Suraj Goswami
  3. Ashish Goswami
  4. Dhanraj Giri Goswami
  5. Ashok Sonkar
  6. Deepak Goswami

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