CG CRIME NEWS: Kalyugi son attacked his father with an axe, accused killed him because of this – Bollywood Keeda

Kondagaon, A dreadful case of murder has come to light from the district. Here a Kalyugi son attacked his father with an axe, killing him. Taking action in the case, the police has arrested the accused. It is being told that the son has killed his father over a minor dispute. The matter is of Keshakal police station area.

According to the information, Kotwali police station received the murder diary from Kanker on 17th February. In which the death of deceased Bajju Parachapi was due to head injury and on the short post mortem report of the doctor, the nature of death was declared to be murder. Due to which the police started investigating the matter.

During this time, the police took the deceased’s son Manku Parachapi into custody and interrogated him. In which he told that on the night of 16th February, there was an argument between him and his wife Asmoteen when his father Bajju came there and took his wife’s side. Angered by this, the son attacked his father on the head with an ax kept in the house and the father died on the spot. The police arrested the accused and also seized the ax used in the incident. In the case, the police arrested the accused, produced him in the court and sent him to jail in judicial custody.

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