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Bike Problem: Due to these three reasons, even a moving bike stops suddenly, know its solution – Bollywood Keeda

bike problem: It must have happened to you at some time or the other that your bike suddenly stopped while moving. All this happens so suddenly that in such a situation it is not easy to understand why it happened? When this happens, people first fear running out of petrol, but it is not necessary that petrol runs out every time. Sometimes the reason for this may be something else. So today we are going to tell you about some such reasons due to which such problems mostly occur in bikes.

spark plug failure

Even if the spark plug of the bike suddenly gets damaged, the bike may stop in the middle of the journey. Apart from this, if there is garbage in the spark plug then the bike can also stop. Therefore, remove and clean the spark plug of the bike at regular intervals. Instead of going to a mechanic, you can do this at home also. The spark plug installed in the engine is tight. It can be easily removed by rotating it.

clogged air filter

Air reaches the engine of the bike through the air filter. The job of the air filter is to trap dust from the air and deliver clean air to the engine. But if the air filter is not cleaned on time or the bike is ridden in highly polluted areas, the air filter also gets choked. Even if this happens, the bike may stop in the middle of the journey.

Overheating (Bike Problem)

This is one of the reasons due to which the problem of sudden stoppage is seen in most of the bikes. This happens when the bike is continuously ridden at very high speed. In this situation, you should be patient and should not rush to look for a mechanic, rather you should park the bike at one place for some time. This will cool down the engine of your bike and your bike will be able to start again immediately after some time.

Do this first thing when the bike stops

If the bike does not start while riding or even after kicking, first check the plug. Spark is very important to start the bike. The bike stops if the plug becomes loose or the spark wire becomes loose. It also goes out on the Uber Khabar road. You can make it without going to any mechanic. Remove the plug and reinstall it. During the rainy season, the bike stops after water gets into it. Before leaving on a long distance journey, keep a separate plug in the tool box.


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