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Big Boss House Update: Rakhi Sawant and this person will enter Bigg Boss, there will be a big explosion in the house… – Bollywood Keeda

Big Boss House Update : People are watching Bigg Boss 17. People are not liking the pretense of Show Me contestants. You are bored of watching people, that is why the makers are adopting different types of characters to make it more interesting. The news is coming out that there will be drama in Bigg Boss. To increase, there may be entry of drama queen Rakhi Sawant. After this news came out, there was a huge stir among the people.

Some media reports claim that Marks is going to make a wild entry of contestants like Rakhi Sawant to make the show special and along with this, the boring contestants currently seen in the show may also be eliminated, however, there is no word yet on this. There has been no confirmation till now but such news is doing the rounds. According to the news, now new wild card contestants can be entered in Bigg Boss 17, in which Rakhi Sawant’s name is coming to the fore. It is being said that the makers can get Rakhi Sawant’s entry in the house to increase the TRP of this season.

He will enter with Rakhi (Bigg Boss House Update)

To make the season interesting, the makers are going to make not just one but several wild card entries. There is news that soon some more contestants will be out of the show, after which five to six wild card contestants can enter the house. It is also being heard that there is no plan to bring Rakhi Sawant alone in Bigg Boss 17. It is claimed that in this season the makers are going to bring along Rakhi Sawant with her ex-husband Adil Durrani, which can cause a big explosion in the house.

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