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Baba Vanga Prediction 2024: Murder of the President of a country! Natural disaster, terrorist attack and then… know the shocking predictions of Baba Venga – Bollywood Keeda

Baba Vanga Prediction 2024. Many predictions of Baba Venga, who made many predictions like Russia-Ukraine war and 9/11 attacks, have been proved correct. He had made accurate predictions regarding the war between Russia and Ukraine. Similarly, she has made predictions till the year 5079 (Baba Vanga Prediction 2024). So let us know what is going to happen in 2024 according to his prediction…

Putin’s assassination

According to Baba Venga’s prediction, Russian President Vladimir Putin may be murdered in the year 2024. According to the prediction, Putin will be assassinated by someone from Russia. According to the prediction, it could also be someone close to him. However, even before this, rumors of his death had spread.

Economic Crisis

According to Baba Venga’s prediction, there may be a worldwide economic crisis in 2024. Financial crisis may occur due to increasing debt, global tension and change of power from West to East.

natural calamity

Baba Venga had also predicted a major natural disaster in the new year. Baba Venga had said that ‘orbit change’, which happens once in a century, would be a natural disaster. The risk of radiation may also increase in this disaster.

cyber attack

Baba Venga had also predicted about cyber attack. In this, there can be a cyber attack on facilities like power grid and water treatment.

terrorist attack

Apart from this, Baba Venga had predicted a terrorist attack in Europe in 2024. At the same time, this year a country can also test biological weapons. There has also been a possibility of attack with biological weapons. Biological weapons are made by using infectious agents like viruses, bacteria or fungi.

Baba Venga has predicted till 5079

Let us tell you that Baba Venga’s full name was Vangelia Pandeva Gushterova. He is called the Nostradamus of the Balkan region. Baba Venga’s name comes among the most famous prophets of the world. Baba Venga had predicted for 5079 years. Baba Venga, who was about 84 years old, died in 1996.


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