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Atishi’s appeal – Vote for us in the Lok Sabha elections, we will give ration to every house like Punjab – Bollywood Keeda

New Delhi , Like Punjab, Aam Aadmi Party has appealed to the people of Delhi to vote in the Lok Sabha elections to implement the door-to-door ration scheme in Delhi also. Senior AAP leader Atishi said that if Delhiites also want door-to-door ration scheme to be brought in Delhi like Punjab, then vote for Aam Aadmi Party in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, so that we can take the voice of Delhi to the Parliament and this fight. Can fight.

In a press conference held at the party office, Atishi said that the government makes complete arrangements to provide ration to the people of the upper class in the entire country including Delhi. Every poor has a ration card. Wheat, rice and sugar are available through that ration card. Delhi Government or Central Government gives ration to the poor because the governments believe that everyone has the right to food, there should not be any person in the country who sleeps hungry at night or dies due to lack of food. . But every ration card holder also knows how much difficulty they face in getting four kilos of rice, one kilo of flour and one kilo of sugar. Every month, when a poor family goes to the ration shop to get their ration, many times they find the ration shop closed and many times they have to stand in long queues.

He said that when the turn comes to take ration, the ration dealer misbehaves and abuses him, many times saying that sugar is out, rice is out, wheat is not complete. Therefore, often the ration card holder is not able to get his full ration. Sometimes he gets less rice, sometimes less wheat, sometimes he does not get sugar. On the other hand, whenever a person raises his voice against the shopkeepers who create irregularities in the distribution of ration, he is attacked, knives are used and goons are left behind him. Because ration shopkeepers are no less than a mafia in themselves. In view of these problems, the Aam Aadmi Party government made a plan for home delivery of ration within Delhi.

Appealing to the people of Delhi, Atishi said that Lok Sabha elections will be announced next month and the elections will be completed in April-May. If the people of Delhi want that door-to-door ration scheme should be implemented in Delhi too like Punjab, if the people of Delhi want that they too should not have to stand in line in front of the ration shop, if the people of Delhi want that they too should get ration. If you do not have to tolerate the rudeness of the shopkeeper, then vote for the Aam Aadmi Party in the coming Lok Sabha elections, so that the voice of Delhi also reaches the Parliament.

This is door-to-door ration scheme

Ghar Ghar Ration Scheme means that just as we order from Amazon, Zomato or Swiggy, our goods or food gets delivered to our homes, in the same way, whichever Roshan Ration Card holder signs for home delivery of ration. -Up, then their entire ration, which includes rice, wheat or flour and sugar, will be fully packed and delivered to their home. After this a ration card holder will not need to go anywhere. You will not have to leave your work again and again and stand in line to get ration. There will be no need to listen to the abusive language of the ration shop owner. Under this scheme, card holders will be given their entitled ration at their homes in a respectful manner.

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