Ankush’s family demanded the murderers be hanged, Kurmi community said – If the bulldozer does not go to the accused’s house, there will be an all-out fight – Bollywood Keeda

Govind Patel, Kushinagar. The firing that took place in a crowded market on Friday at the intersection of Nadah village in Kasya police station area has raised questions on the law and order situation of the district. 17-year-old Ankush Patel, who was injured in the firing, died in a hospital in Gorakhpur late on Saturday evening. After which there is mourning in the village of the deceased. The victim’s family has demanded death penalty for the accused and bulldozing of the convict’s house. The victim’s family members have alleged that under the guise of treating injured Ankush, the police registered the case with plain paper and an arbitrary written complaint. The accused already had police protection, now big officers should come and give us justice. Kurmi community and people from the area have announced that if the victim’s family does not get justice, then we all will take to the streets and protest.

According to the information, late on Friday evening, to show off his extortion, a powerful young man carried out the shooting at the intersection of Nadah village located in Kasya police station area. Due to which 17 year old Ankush Patel, resident of Nadah, who had gone from home to the market, was injured. It was revealed that Ankush was shot three times. The accused was identified as Abhijeet Govind Rao of Ramkola police station area. Police reached the information and admitted the injured to the district hospital from where he was referred to the medical college. Ankush Patel died on Saturday during treatment in a private hospital.

After the news of the death of Ankush Patel, who was injured in the firing, there was mourning in his village. The mother and sister of the deceased are in bad condition, crying. Police personnel also reached the village to understand the family and assured them of justice. Akash Patel, brother of the deceased, said that our brother used to study in 11th class and did not fight with anyone, but Abhijeet Govind Rao shot him to establish his dominance. This killer with criminal tendencies has shot before too. But the police does not take any action on him, this time my brother was murdered, we did not write the complaint, the police arbitrarily got the papers signed. We just want justice, the culprit should be hanged and bulldozers should be used on the house of the accused.

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Making serious allegations against the police, the deceased’s uncle Nityanand Patel said that the police got our brother to sign with the help of a bluff, citing the treatment of his injured nephew. Later we came to know that the police registered the FIR on the complaint as per their own wish. Jawahir Singh Patel, father of deceased Ankush, also confirmed these allegations. At the same time, the government was demanded to bulldoze the accused’s house and give him death sentence.

Kurmi community and people from the area have announced that if the victim’s family does not get justice, then we all will take to the streets and protest. Dr. Raghavendra Patel said that the victim’s family should be given proper compensation, job and justice. Other Kurmi people alleged that the accused who murdered Ankush had been raped and had earlier also fired for extortion. The police gave him protection and left him free due to which one of our innocent sons was murdered by a producer. Therefore, it is a request to the Yogi Adityanath government to conduct an investigation and take action against the culprits. The murderer belongs to CM Yogi Adityanath’s community, hence he has been getting protection. If justice is not done even now, we will fight to the hilt.

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