AI will help youth looking for jobs – Bollywood Keeda

New Delhi. Vahan, a blue-collar employment platform, has attempted to use some new technology-based means to empower job seekers and employers. The platform is working to connect job seekers and employers through an AI-supported system, which includes a streamlined recruitment process. Through its proprietary technology and advanced and intelligent algorithms, the vehicle strives to deliver the job with efficiency and accuracy.

Many reputed investors including Y Combinator and Khosla Ventures are also backing the vehicle, which also includes tech giants like Google and Flipkart. Besides, many former and present officers are also supporting the vehicle. Giving more details about the platform, the company’s CEO, Madhav Krishna, said, “Vahan aims to revolutionize blue-collar hiring and is a leading platform in India and beyond with advanced technology and strategic partnerships. Committed to becoming.”

The main objective of Vahan is to empower individuals and businesses alike with technology. It is simplifying the hiring process between new job seekers and employers, through its user-friendly platform and personalized assistance. The vehicle, by moving towards innovation and excellence, is working to advance blue-collar employment and positively enhance the path to successful jobs.

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