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AI Drone comes in Shark Tank, does all the work automatically from take-off to landing – Bollywood Keeda

New ideas are being seen every day in Shark Tank India. Now an AI Drone has been presented in this TV show. It flies automatically and can take off and land on its own. This AI Drone was presented by two people, one of whom is Prem Sai and the other is Rajeshree Rajesh Detalu. Actually, both of them started a startup together, named VECROS. Both of them are founders. He kept his demand at an asking price of Rs 1 crore. After this he flew his AI Drone ATHERA. He called it a flagship drone.

AI drone will do all the work automatically

Both of these people described this AI drone as a flagship drone. He demonstrated flying his drone in this TV programme. No operator was needed to fly this drone. The drone took off automatically, flew completely on its own, entered the room, scanned the entire room and then landed automatically.

During this, this AI drone also created a 3D map, which was also shown on the TV screen during the program. Apart from this, this AI drone automatically showed the people the design of the room, and also showed the people the map of the route through which the drone had made its journey.

ATHERA AI Drone Features

A total of 8 cameras have been used in ATHERA AI Drone. It has a processor, whose computing power is 21 trillion operations per second. In such a situation, this drone is able to see 360 ​​degree field and can recognize obstacles. Obstacles mean that if any person or object comes near it, it will move away from it for its own safety. However, this drone crashed during the demo.

Aman Gupta promised to give a total of Rs 1 crore to AI Drone. In this, there is 1% equity on Rs 20 lakh and 10% interest on Rs 80 lakh for 3 years.

For what purposes will AI drones be used?

Founders of ATHERA, Prem Sai and Rajeshree said that AI Drone ATHERA is India’s first automatic i.e. self-flying spatial artificial intelligence drone. According to the founders, this AI drone can be used in many areas like railway bridge monitoring, construction work, impact monitoring.

He told that a total of 8 cameras have been used in this AI drone. He claimed that this AI-powered drone keeps an eye on a 360 degree angle. Apart from this, the specialty of this drone is that if any human or salmon comes in the path of this drone, then it protects itself and moves away from it.

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