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Cracking heels means deficiency of these 3 vitamins in the body, know the treatment

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Cracked Heels: Sometimes torn heels stain your beauty. Some people have this problem only in winter, but some people have the problem of cracked heels throughout the year. Do you know why this happens? In fact, many times the heels get cracked due to dirt and our poor skin care routine. Some people have very dry skin, due to which the problem of cracked heels persists. But apart from these reasons, if your feet keep cracking, then the reason behind this can be a lack of vitamins and hormonal imbalance. There may be a deficiency of certain vitamins in your body, due to which you may continue to suffer from cracked heels throughout the year. know how.

Which vitamin deficiency causes cracked heels
Doctors say that when our skin becomes dry and lack of moisture, the skin becomes rough and flaky. Fissures that can cause deep cracks can spread to the deeper layers of the skin. There may also be a deficiency of some vitamins in the body behind this.
1. Vitamin B-3
2. Vitamin E
3. Vitamin C

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If there is a deficiency of Vitamin C and Vitamin B3 in the body, then the skin starts cracking. On the other hand, lack of vitamin E can cause cracks in the skin. These vitamins are very important for good skin. It increases the production of collagen and gives protection to the skin. Sometimes dryness in the skin can also be due to lack of minerals, zinc and omega 3 fatty acids.

Hormone imbalance also causes cracked heels
In many people, this problem starts happening even when there is a imbalance of hormones. An imbalance of hormones like thyroid or estrogen also causes cracking of the heels. In severe cases, there may be cracks in the ankles and blood may also come.

cracked heels treatment
If your heels are torn due to dirt, then rubbing can correct after removing the dirt.
You can use any type of heel balm. Made to moisturize and exfoliate.
Soak the feet in lukewarm water for 20 minutes, after which clean the ankles with a pumice stone.
Consume zinc in the food, it helps in the maintenance of healthy skin.
Vitamin E helps in slowing down the processes that damage cells. Therefore, use nuts and seeds in food.
Take vitamin C to reduce dryness. Its ascorbic acid acts on trans-epidermal water loss. Do eat citrus fruits in your food.

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