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Farmers Protests: Cricketer Pragyan Ojha raging on Rehana’s tweet, said – We are proud of the farmers, no need for external intervention

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new Delhi: The international star has now entered the ongoing farmers’ movement in the country. Hollywood star Rehana about the farmer movement tweeted a tweet on February 2 night about the ongoing farmers’ movement in India. Rihanna, sharing a link to a report, questioned the internet service being stopped during the movement.

There was a sensation on social media as soon as Rehana tweeted on this issue. After this tweet, Rehana became the top Twitter trend in India. Someone is calling it a publicity stunt, and someone is praising Rihanna. Many big Indian stars also supported Rehana and some said that this is an internal matter of India, do not interfere in it.

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Indian cricketer Pragyan Ojha also advised Rehana to keep her business from work. Reacting strongly, he said that we do not need the intervention of any outsider in our internal affairs.

Pragyan Ojha tweeted, “My country is proud of the farmers and knows how important they are, I am confident that this matter will be resolved soon.” We do not need the intervention of any outsider in our internal affairs. ”

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Kangana Ranaut also slammed Rehana
On Rehana’s tweet, actress Kangana Ranaut also heard him fiercely, not only that Kangana also abused Rehana. Kangana wrote, “Nobody is talking about this because these people are terrorists, not farmers. These terrorists want to divide India so that China will occupy our country and create a Chinese colony like USA. We are not idiots like you who sell your country.

Kangana attacked Rihanna as an idiot and told the people associated with the peasant movement to be terrorists. Even before this, Kangana tweeted a controversy over the picture of elderly Mohinder Kaur associated with the movement. After which he had a fierce debate with Pambaji singer Diljit Dusanjh on Twitter.


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  1. Ask Rehana to see the culture of India ,
    For that you have to come to India so do not tweet from Outside , you are outsider so be side pls
    Shut your tweet n raise your tweet for your nation only


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