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04 April Horoscope: People of Taurus sign will remain entangled in family problems, Sagittarius people will get success in financial efforts, know your horoscope… – Bollywood Keeda

Today’s almanac. Date 04.04.2024 Auspicious Samvat 2080 Shaka 1945 Chaitra month of Surya Uttarayan Krishna Paksha Dashami Tithi Day Thursday till 04:15 in the evening Shravan Nakshatra till 08:12 in the night Today Moon in Capricorn Today’s Rahukaal at 01:39 in the afternoon It will be from 03:12 to 12:00.

Today’s condition of zodiac signs and movement of planets

Aries – You will experience happiness without any reason. Students should concentrate on studies. There will be an atmosphere of happiness in the family. Remedy- Donate lentils for business progress. Recite Shiv Chalisa.

Taurus – May remain entangled in family problems. Vigilance necessary in routine. Remedy- Donate black urad (black gram), serve Sukshmji.

Gemini – There is no possibility of expected profit in the field of business. Do not invest more than your capacity. Diet should be regular. Remedy- Peace Shani. Start work by taking blessings of elders.

Cancer – Partnership problem will be resolved. You will get success in repaying old loans and debts. Caution is necessary in speech. Remedy- Donate oil. Leave the house after chanting mantras and doing Abhishek.

Leo – There will be opportunities to meet big people. Whose benefit you will get in future. There will be increase in business. Remedy- Donate honey. Start the day by chanting Guru’s mantras.

Virgo – There is a possibility of getting benefits in travel and migration. Respect and prestige will increase with power. Keep meeting and meeting. Remedy- Feed fodder to the cow. Chant Ganesha mantra.

Libra – You will get success in work. Transfer of employee possible. Control anger and excitement. Remedy- Donate an iron vessel. Chant the mantras of Shani.

Scorpio – Do not drive at high speed. Fear of injury. Be careful in money transactions. Stress is possible due to children’s activities. Try to keep disciplined. Remedy- Keep Hanuman Chalisa playing at home. Donate wheat.

Sagittarius – There are chances of success in financial endeavours. Mind your own business. Health problems possible. Remedy- Offer yellow flowers in the temple and distribute Prasad. Take blessings from elders.

Capricorn – There will be obstacles in important tasks. There may be lack of harmony with family members. Missing the opportunity will lead to disappointment. Remedy- Offer coconut and jaggery in Shiva temple. Chant Gayatri Mantra.

Aquarius – It is necessary to be active in important tasks. There will be opportunities for profit by doing new tasks. Avoid disputes. Remedy: Donate green gram. Keep the red cloth in the temple.

Pisces – Possibility of getting some new projects. Improvement in economic sector through increase in trade. Try to stay regular. Remedy- Chant the mantras of Sun. Donate red things.

Pandit – Dear Sharan Tripathi, Astrologer.


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